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ABC's Keystone Center for Construction Careers

ABC's Keystone Center for Construction Careers

Located within the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) Keystone premises, ABC’s Keystone Center campus is a brand-new, state-of-the-art training facility, with opportunities for hands-on learning across a number of disciplines, including carpentry, HVAC, electrical work, plumbing, and sheet metal.

Earn While You Learn.

ABC’s Keystone Center apprenticeship program is a 4-year endeavor in which apprentices have the opportunity to get paid. Our earn-while-you-learn approach starts at 60% the Journeyman’s rate, with a 5% increase every 1000 hours (or six months’ worth of training). 95% of our students are employed by local contractors, allowing them to get a head start on their careers while combining hands-on experience and a classroom environment.

ABC's Keystone Center apprenticeship programs are approved by the U.S. Office of Apprenticeship and the Pennsylvania Department of Labor.

ABC's Keystone Center apprenticeship programs are approved by the U.S. Office of Apprenticeship and the
Pennsylvania Department of Labor.

Apprenticeship at a Glance

As you progress in your apprenticeship training, you will receive increasing responsibility and hands-on training in your selected trade.

As an entry-level student, you will participate in classroom learning to gain the foundational skills critical to your success on the jobsite. Our instructors are experienced in teaching and the construction industry. This combination provides you with practical knowledge that goes beyond book learning to take your skills to the next level.

Moving into your second, third, and fourth years, apprentices will learn advanced skills required by employers to meet industry and technology demands.

Your Career Starts Here.

An integrated approach to education
Open enrollment, with classes September through May
Day classes 7:30 – 4:00
Evening classes 5:00 – 8:00

Online classes, with 1 day class, 2 evening classes per month
32 credits toward an associate’s degree at HACC (Harrisburg Area Community College)
Earn while you learn—work full time and get paid by your employer!
On-the-job training leads to Journeyman’s Card

For careers that require special licensing, ABC’s Keystone Center offers a 13-week training course, geared toward helping students pass their licensing test with flying colors.

Each person that enters the construction industry is on the path to earning a competitive salary, learning a new skill and building America with their own hands.

Veterans Wanted!

A career in construction is often a great fit for those who have proudly served our country. In fact, the U.S. Government offers veterans a stipend, allowing them to earn the Journeyman’s salary rate while enrolled in classes.

Are you ready to earn while you learn?